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    AU: Your boyfriend, Calum loved being the center of attention and naturally, you always taking pictures of him made half of his happiness. 
    8/1: You both came over to Michael’s house and he ended up playing with their dogs and didn’t want to leave. When you tried to get him to go home, he gave you his puppy eyes.
    19/2: One morning he tried to surprise you with breakfast in bed but he kept waking you up because he didn’t know where anything was. In the end, you ended up getting up to the kitchen and he made you eggs which were slightly burnt.
    4/3: That time you went shopping with him and his 3 best mates, they were fooling around and Luke ended carrying him around the mall.
    29/5: You were on holiday with him but he was lazy to go out so he lied down near the pool and in the end, you gave in to his pout and stayed in.
    17/6: One of the great things about dating him was you get to hear him sing almost always. You loved hearing him sing and one night when you couldn’t fall asleep you got him to sing your favourite song for you. 
    10/7: That time you went on going away trip with him and your family, and he said he joked about his biceps getting bigger. That lasted for about 5 minutes until your brother had him in a headlock and he couldn’t get away. 
    2/8: One of the things he’s grown attached to is the teddy bear you gave him and on one night, you thought it’d be funny to hide it. He was getting restless and he practically thrashed your apartment trying to look for it. Finally, when he was putting on his jeans - he decided to drive across town to his parents’ house to look for it there - you told him that you’ve had it all night. The look on his face was priceless.
    9/9: You were on a date with him when you guys bumped into one of his best friends, Michael. Mike ended up third wheeling on your date and you had to bring them to get fro-yo so they could behave. 
    12/10: After almost a year, his band was starting tour again. He didn’t let you out of his sight all day long and you said your personal goodbye(s) at home because you knew the airport would be mobbing with fans. 
    15/12: For the first time ever, you decided to go to one of his concerts as you had finally got hold of the tickets - all of their shows were usually sold out by the first hour. He was so excited to see you that he made you sit with him backstage before the show. (Oh, and Ashton thought it’d be funny to photobomb)
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